‘Game of Thrones’ season 6 debate: Could Emilia Clarke’s Dany actually marry someone from House Greyjoy?

Dany -Mrs. Carter: Could love — or at least marriage — be in the air on “Game of Thrones“?

In his speech to take over the Iron Islands earlier this speech, Euron Greyjoy made it clear that his plan was to sail to find Daenerys Targeryan, marry her, and then the two of them would work to take over the Iron Throne and the Seven Kingdoms. It was a speech powerful enough for Yara Greyjoy to be given the cold shoulder, even though she was a capable leader, had the support of Theon, and actually had been fighting alongside those in the Iron Islands for some time.

Yet, could this actually happen? It’s clear first and foremost that people do not marry for love in this world. It’s not what Dany did with Drogo originally, and it’s certainly not what Margaery has done on several different occasions now. If there was a strategic advantage to the marriage, we could see her at least considering it … but that may be it. What Euron is underestimating is Dany’s own tenacity and desire to lead. She would try to convince the Ironborn that they don’t need someone like Euron, and they could put all of their trust in her.

Is there another option among House Greyjoy for Dany that could achieve the same results of getting her ships? We almost wonder if Theon is a more viable choice, given that he will be fine to serve as more of a figurehead and allow Dany to do more of the ruling. If anything, he seems firmly settled into “I’m happy not to be with Ramsay Bolton” mode, and will be a cheerleader to another cause.

There are only a few episodes left this season, so let’s just hope for some sort of answer now!

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