‘Girl Meets World’ season 3 debate: Is it time to end Riley – Lucas – Maya love triangle?

Girl Meets High School -Mrs. Carter: Should the “Girl Meets World” love triangle come crumbling to the ground?

For really ever since the events of the three-part “Girl Meets Texas” episode, the show has towed the line when it comes to really addressing what’s going to happen next with Maya, Lucas, and Riley. As a matter of fact, there have been moments where it has felt almost problematic. While we do get the sense that Lucas is somewhat distressed about it, he’s also not really doing anything to actively change things.

When you think “oh, but it’s really only been so many episodes,” then you can probably create a good argument in your head as to why he has not been altogether proactive. However, then you consider this: It’s really been a good nine-plus months in the show’s timeline. It was (of course) December 31 when “Girl Meets the New Year” first happened and Farkle told Lucas the truth. Since then, there’s been a second half of a school year, a summer, and now high school, and he really has not done much of anything when it comes to being proactive. We get that Lucas is a young guy and probably doesn’t really know how to handle this, but he has to figure it out. This is not “The Bachelor,” and either Maya, Riley, or both of them deserve the right to move on. The same goes for some of the fans.

How can the show do this? One such way is with a classic Cory Matthews monologue to Lucas trying to give him advice. While he loves his daughter, we do think that he would be impartial enough in order to help Lucas realize that there are ways to handle this in the easiest way possible. Feelings will be hurt, but there can be ways to move forward. The longer he waits, the worse the hurt will eventually be. Ultimately, a little bit of honest and self-reflection could go along way … along with a lot of respect if he ended up choosing a relationship with one of them. Or, if he decides simply that they are all still too young for all of this (understandable), maybe it’d give us all some room to breathe.

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