‘Bachelor in Paradise 3′ spotlight: Will Emily Ferguson have a happier ending than in Ben Higgins’ season?

Emily -There are going to be a lot of familiar faces on this upcoming season of “Bachelor in Paradise” is you watched Ben Higgins’ season of “The Bachelor”; it’s almost as though they just rounded back up everyone that was on it the first time and decided to throw them all on a beach.

We’ve already profiled Emily Ferguson’s twin sister Haley during this series, so for a moment, we want to talk specifically about how Emily herself could do. After all, we don’t want to be one of those monsters who simply classifies the two as though there are the same. (We say this knowing full well the possibility that ABC opts to lump the two of them into the same boat going into this season.)

Will Emily last longer this time around than her sister? Let’s find out.

Show experience – The great news for Emily is that she made it further than Olivia Caridi on Ben Higgins’ season! The bad news is that she left not too long after that while spending some time in his hometown of Warsaw, Indiana and meeting his family. She did put up a good fight when it came to telling the truth on Olivia, so we feel like she can hang her hat on at least having something she’s memorable for other than being a twin.

Romance potential – Moderate. She did do fairly well with Ben, and we think she has the sort of whimsical outlook on life that does tend to work really well on this show. The one thing holding her back is her sister, given that if one of them is having a hard time, will the other really want to embrace a relationship? There could be some tiptoeing around.

Drama potential – Moderate. With Emily, there’s always a chance she will argue with her sister, and as we noted, she is not afraid to stand up for herself. We know that producers are really just casting her to perpetuate the twin gimmick, but it is possible that there is something else they will get out of them this season as well.

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