‘Royal Pains’ season 8, episode 4 review: Was the 100th episode a worthy celebration?

Over the course of the past eight seasons, we’ve loved “Royal Pains.” It’s as a result of that the little things get us emotional, like Hank scrubbing in or seeing Evan give an inspiration speech about his past and what he’s overcome. It’s why we want to root for Jeremiah to find love with someone, given that it’s always been somewhat out of reach for him on this show.

Hank decided to help out at the hospital tonight as a favor to Evan, who was swapped and in need of extra help. Getting these two guys in the same proximity again was a chance to examine their relationship once more, given how busy Evan has been thanks to his role as hospital administrator. For those of you who love brotherly bonding, this hour was right up your alley! The same came be said if you like callbacks, since it was nice to see Jill Flint once more. It was also ironic that this show was airing at the same time as “The Night Shift,” where she is a series regular.

Also, Evan has an eyepatch, and there was a really fun pirate moment thrown in here. In between this and Jeremiah’s outfit at the end of the episode, we feel like these provided all of the humor you could have possibly hoped for and then some.

Do we wish that there was some major revelations on tonight’s episode, especially given that this was the 100th one of the show? Absolutely, but sometimes you take what you can get. Think of this hour as a refocus on the sibling relationship that defines the show, and one that gives us hope for love, and a hope that somehow, most of our main characters are going to get it together by the time we make it to the end of the series. Grade: B+.

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