‘Devious Maids’ season 4, episode 2 review: Evelyn learns Adrian’s secret, Genevieve wants Marisol’s man

Devious MaidsThe big mystery on “Devious Maids” this season is going to be “who killed Peri”? Was it Spence? Rosie? Or how about Eva Longoria? Peri may have been America’s sweetheart, but in reality she had a long list of people who wouldn’t be that unhappy to see her dead.

Carmen: Daniella decides that she wants to move to LA, but Carmen is trying to convince her not to move. Meanwhile, Evelyn is still trying to figure out a way from her marriage to Adrian and is thinking of trying to get him to have an affair so she has an excuse to leave him. When he thinks he’s alone, he gets up from this chair and Daniella sees him saying that he will give her anything to keep quiet and she asks to be his maid. Carmen finds out about the whole situation and tries to get Adrian to change his mind, saying that she will tell Evelyn about his ability to walk if he doesn’t fire her… and he fires back saying he will tell Daniella that Carmen is her mom. They are at a blackmail impasse. Evelyn sees Daniella working at the house as an opportunity, asking her if she would try to have an affair with him (in exchange for a meeting with a music producer). Daniella tries to seduce him, and he says no, but he also stands up again and this time it’s on camera for Evelyn to see. Now Evelyn is leaving, and nothing Adrian says is working to keep her.

Zoila: She is still pretending to be the owner of the house, and her neighbor is pursuing her (thinking that she’s the house owner), asking her on a date to a polo match. She goes on the date and has a fun time, but when they go back to his house she learns that he lives with his mother. Not only that but they bought the house together, travel together and are acting like a married couple. After Zoila has a moment alone with his mom, she realizes that while they have a tight bond, he’s really looking for love – unfortunately his mother doesn’t want him with Zoila and has “other plans” for him.

Rosie: She wakes up to find 15 messages from Spence saying that he remembers everything, but her joy is severely thwarted when she sees that he’s on the news and accused of Peri’s murder. Rosie heads over to see Spence just as he’s getting arrested, because the police have found his prints on the murder weapon. Rosie is looking for an alibi for Spence and is going to prove his innocence. She heads to a local strip club and talks to a stripper that remembers Spence being in the club (Spence has an alibi!) and we saw the most awkward (and hilarious) lap dance ever. Will this stripper testify to seeing Spence? Ben visits with Spence (Ben is who we think is the real killer) and after a coffee (and some coaching from Ben), Spence admits to killing Peri. We are confused as to why Spence would do that (what the heck was in that coffee!?!?), but we are curious to know more next week!

Marisol: She learns about Peri’s murder and that her film is in jeopardy now, because they won’t recast her, but on the bright side Peter is trying to win over Marisol by sending a garden to her house. We also learned that Peter is Genevieve’s ex-husband and after seeing him on TV she wants him back. Genevieve heads over to see Peter, he hustles her out of his office (obviously not interested), but she decides that she’s going to meet up with him for dessert. When Marisol and Peter go back to his house after dinner they find Genevieve in undress at his house waiting for him. Later Genevieve talks to Marisol asking her to stop dating Peter, and she says she will think about it and after spending more time with Petter, she decides not to give up on him.

We were wondering if the whole “Adrian hiding that he can walk” storyline was going to go on all season, and was happy to see them wrap it up sooner rather then later (this could’ve felt very tired if it went on too long). It was also a lot of fun to watch the multiple blackmailing going on at the Powell household as well as the Genevieve/Marisol fight over Peter (who really isn’t that much of a catch to us).  Episode grade: A-

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