‘Penny Dreadful’ season 3, episode 7 review: Vanessa’s bite; Lily’s capture

Penny Dreadful -

Now that Vanessa has submitted herself physically to Dracula in what was one of the weirdest sex scenes (there’s no chemistry between these two) is he closer to making her his bride? We also have Lily’s angry army of women that are looking to destroy every man on the planet and is starting to push Dorian out of the game. We are kind of wondering if Dorian and Victor may end up working together to tame Lily as she grows in power. Let’s see what “Penny Dreadful” has in store for us tonight.

For Lily, let’s just say that not all of her plans ended up as she so hoped. Dorian, apparently, no longer really enjoyed his present arrangement watching Lily gallivant around with her revolutionary prostitute army; therefore, he set her up to be captured, and now Victor and Dr. Jekyll are promising that they will make her “better” … which is really a terrifying proposition, since “better” applies only to their specific viewpoint, and that may be awful for her.

Still, you gotta imagine that this little stunt changes things in a big way for these two moving forward, no?

Speaking of changes, seeing what has happened now with Dracula and Vanessa at the hour’s end has us worried in the worst way for the finale next week. It’s going to take more than just Ethan to save her from the swirling darkness, and the bite he put upon her after insisting that he wanted to effectively be her servant, and not the other way around. We still do think that this character has been executed perfectly, but we’re moving along at a rapid enough pace that we imagine this will be a great jumping-off point now that she has connected that her new lover is a blood-sucking vampire.

Can Ethan get her fast enough?

The most heartwarming part of the hour was probably the Creature’s oddly touching family reunion, mostly because it suggested that redemption is in fact possible … and that’s not often a reminder that we have in this world. Given how depressing the Dracula stuff may be for Vanessa fans, think of this almost as a ray of sunshine.

We’d say as a whole that this episode was a step upward from the one that came before it, largely because of the sole fact that we did away with Lily’s frustrating army and pushed more in the direction of a thrilling finale. There’s still more work to be done to get this season cemented above the others, but we’ll at least say the potential is there. Episode grade: B+.

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