‘Game of Thrones’ season 6, episode 7 and all of those Lady Stoneheart rumors

LogoWho knew that we were going to see Lady Stoneheart rumors resurrected so far past when Catelyn Stark actually died of “Game of Thrones“? This is a story that we had assumed was long gone in so many ways, but hey: What is dead may never die!

In case you are specifically wondering why the internet is now ripe with conversation regarding why Michelle Fairley could suddenly be returning to the show, much of it stems from various online fan theories that come out of where we are in the show right now, and also revisiting some other storylines presumed long-dead. Take, for example, the new arrival of Benjen Stark, which has been compared in some ways to Coldhands in the books. Coldhands was a character who simply had not shown up on the show before, and if they are merging him with Benjen in some ways now, isn’t it possible that we could also see Stoneheart come back years later?

Another reason for the theory ties into where we are right now in the Riverlands, especially given the return of characters like the Blackfish and Walder Frey for the first time in a long time. It was long assumed that the Jaime Lannister storyline from the books was replaced with him going to Dorne, but it has since been proven to not be the case with him heading there now. In terms of circumstances, the stage has really been set for him to turn up.

Now that we’ve said all of this, we still don’t think the odds of this are terribly like. “Game of Thrones” just did a resurrection story with Jon Snow, so for them to do the same thing here by pulling out Catelyn from the ground would not make a whole lot of sense, especially since they’ve have to explain why she turned out so differently than Jon has. (Maybe they could argue that she remained dead for longer, and that is why we have the disfigurement.)

Ultimately, the biggest reason we’d be shocked by it is just because we have already so many other characters and stories going on that giving her adequate screen time could prove difficult. If there are only 17 episodes left (which seems to be the case), is that enough to give this lady her proper due?

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