‘Beauty and the Beast’ season 4, episode 1 review: The stage is set with a new threat

Beauty and the BeastAll fans of “Beauty and the Beast,” rejoice! The CW made you wait an extremely-long time to see the official start to the fourth season, but we like to think that the premiere episode proved itself to be well worth the long time it took to air.

For one, we’re very much excited about the Big Bad presentation, mostly because there are some elements to this story that are different than anything we’ve seen to date. Sure, the whole “someone is hunting Vincent” bit is rather cliche, but at the same exact time, we did find it rather interesting that this particular mysterious figure seems to be doing it more to have Vincent as a trophy rather than necessarily doing anything in terms of experiments or other nefarious things.

Sadly, we don’t really know who this person is just yet, but they are fine with pouring countless funds into the effort to track Vincent down once and for all.

As for our main frustration, it is at this point the delusion-of-sorts that we are starting to get with Cat and Vincent in terms of them thinking that they can have a life free of beast conflict. Just like Tess has to realize eventually that she is always going to have a job that is a little more complicated than other people around her, they have to just accept that this is what it is. Maybe they’ll have periods of safety, but that seems to be about it.

When “Beauty and the Beast” is not obsessed with the preoccupation that its characters can be normal, it remains a lot of fun. Kristin Kreuk and Jay Ryan continue to have great history, and we like that there is some sort of advance warning that the end of the series is near. After all, that gives us something to build to. Grade: B.

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