‘Game of Thrones’ season 6: Can someone kill the High Sparrow?

LogoThe sixth season of “Game of Thrones” is ripe with stories and characters that many people love and cherish seeing on TV … and then there’s the High Sparrow. Sure, there are some people who love-to-hate the leader of the Faith Militant, but at the same time, there are plenty who hate him just for the sake of hating him.

The Sparrow came around at a particularly rough time. Joffrey was already gone from King’s Landing, and in his place we had someone in Tommen who, while far kinder, does not necessarily pop off the screen. Much of the fun that has come out of this particular locale has been the excess and the excitement of it all, and these are qualities that are not necessarily present now. Instead, we have a man who is somewhat quiet, extremely morose, and does not exactly like anything other than his perception of purity.

With the Sparrow now seemingly working with Margaery and Tommen, you can argue that he is more powerful than he has ever been before. Therefore, doesn’t it seem as though the time is ripe for him to go?

There are a few separate candidates as to who could be right to unseat him, with Jaime Lannister being at the top of the list from a physical point of view. After all, he has the army to back him up … but does he have the strategy? This is where Cersei could come in, or even someone like Lady Olenna, who recognizes at this point the need to maybe work with people she does not necessarily like?

While these people (plus The Mountain 2.0, of course) are candidates to send this man packing, there’s also another person here to also consider in Margaery. Is she really devout as she is carrying on? She doesn’t know the strategy outside of her prison, at least other than her conversation with Tommen. Therefore, this may have just been her means to an escape, where she can now figure out her next move from the side of the Iron Throne.

Make no mistake — the Sparrow’s gotta go. It’s just a matter of who is going to deal that blow.

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