‘Bloodline’ season 2, episode 10 review: Are Kevin, Meg and John Rayburn going to jail?

BloodlineWe are at the end of the road for “Bloodline” season 2 and it’s a race against time for John Rayburn. Can he sink Eric O’Bannon before he signs an immunity deal with Marco or does John have other plans for Eric? We are also curious to see if this is going to be the final season of the Danny story and if season three is going to be moving towards whatever shady dealings Mr. Gilbert has going on at Kevin’s boatyard.

Even though Eve has broken things off with Ozzy, he’s not willing to let her go and shows up at the Rayburn Inn, introducing himself to Sally. Later Eve tells Sally about Ozzy and Danny’s drugstore robbery and that Danny felt he had to do that to get the money for the restaurant because his dad turned him down for a loan and he felt trapped. The real story is, Danny asked Robert for a loan for the restaurant and Robert told him that he would give it to him, but that he would no longer be paying for Nolan if he did and expected Danny to step up and pay for his own son. Danny chooses to turn the money down and have Robert continue paying for Nolan and instead he robbed a store with Ozzy. After Danny got out of jail for the robbery, he found out his restaurant burnt to the ground, didn’t get insurance money (which is what Nolan had hoped might happen) and he was never the same after that – Nolan overhears the whole story and feels tremendous guilt for burning the restaurant and sending his dad down a dark path.

Marco asks about the necklace and Eric tells him that he found it on the beach where John and Danny met up after the murder at the Red Reef and it’s enough for Marco to want to give him immunity, but with the IA investigation going on into Marco and Franco, neither of them can get any requests accepted by the DA. Luckily for Marco, Pamela decides to recant her entire story about the abuse from Franco and we suspect he threatened her to stay quiet.

When John sees Eric and Ozzy in a heated discussion, he gets Chelsea to give a statement about what went down and she ID’s Ozzy as the assailant against her brother. What’s John’s plan? it’s looking like he’s setting Ozzy up to take the fall if some horrible tragedy should befall Eric. Feeling completely abandoned by Diana, Meg and Kevin, a very desperate John breaks into Ozzy’s car, steals his gun and goes to Eric house. After bringing Eric to a private cabin, he tries to convince Eric that they can make a deal, but there’s nothing that John can offer Eric that is better then an immunity deal, so John pulls out Ozzy’s gun (with his bare hands, putting his prints all over it – kinda weird for a cop) and thinks about shooting Eric, but just can’t do it so he leaves.

After Meg and Kevin turned on John, Kevin shows up at Marco’s house to tell him everything, but Marco refuses to make a deal with him because he has Eric. When Eric calls in a panic saying that they have to meet right away and that John is going nuts Marco heads out to get Eric, but before he does Kevin tells Marco that John killed Danny. Marco doesn’t care and tells Kevin that all three of them are going to prison and Kevin takes the news badly.. so badly that he grabs a metal dolphin statue and beats Marco to death with it. While this is happening, Meg has gone home to confess everything to Sally and John has started to drive out of town.

It was surprising to learn that the person that actually has Danny’s tape is Gilbert making him even more of a mystery! Seeing John drive by Gilbert’s estate in the closing minutes makes us feel that Gilbert is going to be playing a large role in “Bloodline” season 3, which we would be happy for since we like Beau Bridges. We were thinking that the Danny murder would be all wrapped up by the end of this season, but things are even more messy now. There may have been some slower parts to this season (as there was in season 1 as well), but there was a lot to like about it and if we are being honest, this season was a huge step up from season 1 which dragged a lot. We are looking forward to seeing what season 3 brings us – and now the long wait begins. Episode grade: A

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