‘Bloodline’ season 2, episode 9 review: Will Eric O’Bannon be John Rayburn’s downfall?

BloodlineLast time on “Bloodline” we saw Marco getting closer to the truth about Danny’s death and John pushing back with the threat of exposing Marco’s hand in covering up Franco beating his wife. We know that things are going to get a lot messier and we are starting to wonder if there’s any way for either of these men to come out on top? Let’s see what’s in store for the Rayburn’s this time.

Eve decides to take up Sally on her offer to stay with her and she gives Eve and Nolan a cottage of their own on the Inn property. Eve doesn’t tell Ozzy that she’s left and when he returns with Meg’s pay off money, she’s no where to be found. Later Eve meets up with Ozzy to tell him that she’s staying with the Rayburn’s and breaks it off with him, unfortunately she doesn’t see Meg watching and even though Eve is trying to do the right thing, it might be too late.

Marco goes to talk to Eric and he tells Marco that John lied to him, and that he saw Danny the morning after the murder at the Red Reef Inn. Eric says that he’s willing to tell his whole side of the story, but he wants full immunity. He tells Marco to ask Janey about the necklace Danny gave her as proof that he’s telling the truth and after talking to Janey, Marco is convinced – not as convinced as he will be once Eric shows him that he has the necklace. Diana finds out that Marco is sniffing around for information and after telling John they both realize that Marco is getting dangerously close to finding things out, so he goes to Pamela and tells her that he’s going to help get the rest of her story out to the press. Marco and Franco are put in the hot seat when an investigation starts up over this incident, but Franco is not backing down and wants to give Eric full immunity to nail John.

Ozzy tries to convince Eric not to go to the cops with what he knows and instead pushes him to blackmail the Rayburn’s for even more money with the proof he has on John. We aren’t exactly sure why Eric would tell Ozzy about his potential immunity deal with the cops since he’s the one that has to live with the murder hanging over his head, but for some reason he’s listening to Ozzy. In the end, Eric goes to Marco and after showing him the necklace says he’s going to take the deal. Can John sink Eric before the deal is signed?

It feels like the Danny murder storyline is going to get tied up one way or another in the season 2 finale (can they really drag that story out for a 3rd season?), but it looks like they are maybe setting up a pretty good story for next season now that shady Mr. Gilbert has bought Kevin’s boat yard and is using it for something dubious. Kevin just can’t catch a break, can he? What we really want to know is if John is going to find a way to squeeze out of this mess or if Marco is going to bring the Rayburn family down. One episode left to go! Episode grade: A-

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