‘Bloodline’ season 2, episode 7 review: Did Diana figure out John’s role in Danny’s death?

BloodlineOn the last episode of “Bloodline”, John took out all of his frustrations on Ozzy’s face – probably not the best move for a cop running for Sheriff, but clearly John can only take so much. So how much trouble has John gotten himself into with this assault on Ozzy, or is Ozzy going to take the hint and leave town?

After Sally slapping Janey in the face (and John not really being that supportive of his daughter), Diana isn’t happy with either John or Sally no matter how badly Sally feels for hitting her. The more Diana thinks about what she’s seen and how much she knows John’s keeping from her, she finds herself pushing him for some answers. As vague as he is with his responses, she eventually figures out that he’s the one that killed Danny. Without asking him out right, he admits it to her saying that no one else knows and after promising her that they are safe, she makes it clear that she will stay with him, but that if the day ever comes that he’s found out, then she knows nothing about it.

Franco is desperate to put the eyes back onto John and his brother’s murder now that a scandal has erupted around him, so he starts pushing Marco to look at the Rayburn family as suspects in murder at the Red Reef Inn. He claims that when the Rayburn’s were first interviewed, no one really pushed them that hard as to Danny’s whereabouts after that night or if they knew he was involved in that murder. Marco tells John that Franco is making him bring Meg and Kevin back in for questioning and he uses the heads up to work out a plan with his siblings.

Marco brings Kevin in and he uses his substance abuse problem to his advantage, saying that he was high through most of days after and including the night that everything happened at the Red Reef Inn with Danny. Kevin also admits that the boat Marco showed him was from his boat yard and he lied about it because the guy who owned the boat was his dealer, Rafi, who worked for Lowry. This helps Marco thread Lowry to Danny’s murder even more, but he still had some hard questions for Meg asking her if she was protecting or harboring Danny after the murder, which she denies and uses the guy she was cheating with (Alec) as her alibi.

After a rough questioning, Meg heads to Marco’s house later that night and tells him the truth about how bad her childhood was, what happened to her sister and what her father did to Danny, and afterwards she tells him that he needs to decide if he’s going to be loyal to them or Franco. He kisses her so we suspect he’s leaning towards Rayburn loyalty. Unfortunately for Meg her troubles are far from over since Ozzy is trying to blackmail her after his attempt to blackmail John went nowhere.

We have been waiting for someone else to figure out John’s involvement in Danny’s death and we were happy that it was Diana. We still aren’t sure how we feel about her staying with John, now that she knows what he did, but to help protect her kids from knowing about this it makes some sense. We’ve always liked Diana and she hasn’t always had the biggest role on this show, but that’s all changing now. Episode grade: B+

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