‘Bloodline’ season 2, episode 6 review: Will Ozzy expose John Rayburn’s secrets?

BloodlineWith Meg running John’s campaign on “Bloodline” we know that there’s going to be a little dirty play going on. She wants to make sure that John has a chance to win the spot as Sheriff and be in a position of power to protect the family secrets, but what has she uncovered about Franco and is it enough to sink him in the election?

After unsuccessfully getting money out of Sally or Meg, Eve shows up at John’s house, but he’s not offering her any money either. After seeing Janey’s reaction to all the family secrecy about Eve, she show’s up at Janey’s school to try to work her over. After hearing how Sally treated Eve and Nolan, Janey starts copping attitude with Sally over not including Nolan in the family and confronts her about her telling Eve not to have Nolan and then sending them money to stay away from the family. After things get heated, John watches as Sally slaps his daughter in the face. We have to agree with Janey here as we don’t really understand what the big deal is about Danny having a son and why he had to be kept a secret – this isn’t the 1950’s anymore and people have children out of wedlock all the time.

Meg shows up at Franco’s ex-wife’s house and asks her about a 911 domestic dispute call made when they were together. Meg says that even though the call was made, no incident report was ever filed, but Franco’s ex-wife refuses to give Meg any further information. Meg asks Chelsea if Franco’s ex-wife ever came to the hospital, and Chelsea helps her by giving her the wife’s medical records. Meg is quick to leak the secrets of the assault to the media, but Franco denies it saying that his wife had substance abuse problems and had a fall in their home. After Franco’s secret comes out, his ex-wife tells Meg the whole story, saying that after she called 911, the police came to the house, but after Franco walked them out, no one ever followed up on it. The officer that came to the house that night was later offered a higher paying job with Franco and nothing was ever filed about the incident – that officer was Marco.

Ozzy has decided to start poking John even more by helping Diana with a mysterious flat tire and filling her head with bad ideas about all the dirt out there on John. She goes home and tells John all about it and when he looks at her tire he sees that it was slashed, but he also finds fingerprints on the tire iron Ozzy used and now knows who he is and how he knows Danny. John finds Ozzy and tells him to leave town, but Ozzy can’t stop pushing John earning him multiple punches to the face.

Kevin’s money issues are getting worse when we see him get an over due bill on his mortgage on the boat yard, and it makes us wonder how he’s able to pay Nolan to work for him when he can’t pay his own mortgage and his other worker’s left for non-payment of wages. Kevin’s drinking worsens especially when he hears that Belle might have Preeclampsia. When the tests come back negative he’s happy, but his habits don’t change, so he seeks the help of his sponsor doing the right thing for a change.

This was probably the most visually beautiful episode of “Bloodline yet,  but nothing really happened. That’s always been our problem with this show, it’s pretty to watch, but not a lot goes on and for episodes that are often times 70 minutes long we want a bit more meat on this bone. Episode grade: C+

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