‘Supergirl’ season 2 debate: Should Kara join the Justice Society of America?

Supergirl -How in the world is “Supergirl” going to get itself roped in to the rest of the DC Universe on The CW? More so than any other question right now, this is what we find ourselves asking with this series.

The biggest issue that the series faces in working alongside “Arrow,” “The Flash,” or “Legends of Tomorrow” is that it exists in a very different reality. The only way we’ve seen anyone make it there is thanks to Barry Allen traveling effectively to National City by mistake. We don’t know what Earth it’s set in, or also if there is another way to travel there beyond what Barry did. We have to think that Harrison Wells could figure out if anyone could, but he doesn’t even know where to pinpoint just yet.

Could Kara Danvers be in Earth-3, and be technically capable of being in the Justice Society of America? That’s a worthy question that we have at the moment, especially since we’ve had two hints dropped about this story courtesy of Rex Tyler a.k.a. Hourman on “Legends of Tomorrow” and Jay Garrick (John Wesley Shipp) surfacing over on “The Flash” from underneath that Iron Mask. Yet, at the same exact time part of the problem with this theory is that Kara has never mentioned or heard of some of these other heroes, and you’d at least think that someone would be talking about them.

Ultimately, Kara in the JSA is an interesting idea, but for now we’re almost wondering if she is on Earth-4, and there has been less of a need for other heroes there with Superman fighting crime until she showed up. Maybe you can find a way for some of the JSA to come over to this world, and she could join them in some way as a result. Otherwise, there’s a lot of world-jumping coming!

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