‘Shark Tank’ revisited: Beard King, Hatch Baby, Fixed app, and Village Scholarships

Shark Tank -With there being no more episodes of “Shark Tank” on the air until September, that effectively means that it is time for us to start out on what is something that we do always around this time: Revisited articles! In these, we look back at some of the deals that were made the first time, and analyze whether or not these were the right decisions. Sometimes they were; other times, we see businesses excel even without a Shark. We’ve certain seen in some instances companies flop even with an investment.

This episode we’re talking about today first aired back in January, so there has been some time to get a little bit of distance on it before now.

Fixed – We still hate the name of the app, but the fact that they were able to get the fixed.com domain is shockingly impressive. One thing that we like since the Tank is that the company seems to have pivoted more of their marketing strategy; rather than focusing on getting you out of paying tickets, they instead are guiding this business more down the mantra of “we help to keep your car insurance rates from going up.” This is a better long-term benefit, and pushing towards that seems to be the smarter goal if they can find a way to get you out of a ticket.

Hatch Baby – During the show’s first airing they got a deal with Chris Sacca, and while we do see some of the benefits here if you do want to keep track of specific details for your little one, we just cannot get behind the price for this thing ($249) no matter how hard we try. There’s nothing that we’re seeing at this time to make us reconsider that stance.

Village Scholarships – There were a few issues with the business model when this company first came on, and while we don’t think it is perfect, the website had done a better job now of streamlining things and also making it a little bit clearer how the platform works. We do still think this is a rough space, though, mostly because of the abundance of crowdfunding platforms that are already out there.

Beard King – It took a huge push to get a Shark behind them on the show, but we think it was the right choice for Lori Greiner at the time since we do continue to see the hustle that is there to make this company something big. While we don’t necessarily see anything new in their products that is blowing our minds, at the same time we do see the hustle. A little bit of that does go a long way!

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