‘Devious Maids’ season 4, episode 1 review: Zoila resents Genevieve’s choice, Spence remember Rosie

Devious MaidsWe were left with two major cliffhangers on the “Devious Maids” season 3 finale with Zoila and her baby facing death and Adrian possibly getting blown up in his own house after going back in for a picture of him and Evelyn (kind of a weak reason to send him back into a dangerous situation like that when the police were there, but we’ll just go with it). Luckily we are back with the season 4 premiere and it’s time to find out who’s alive, who’s dead and if Spence is ever going to remember that Rosie is more then just his maid.

Marisol: We started the long awaited premiere with the much hyped guest appearance from Eva Longoria. She is playing Flora in the movie made about Marisol’s book, and it’s going badly – especially with Peri as the lead. It doesn’t take long for Eva to quit the film and her 1 minute guest spot is over. Marisol is trying to stop Peri from twisting her movie into something she hates, and when she goes to the head of the studio for help, he asks her out instead. Even though he’s cute, she’s still hung up on Jesse – oh and he’s back in LA and working for Spence.

Zoila: She’s alive, but unfortunately her baby didn’t make it after Genevieve chose to save Zoila over the baby. Rosie has been filling in for Zoila while she’s been visiting Val in New York City, but Genevieve hates Rosie and it’s kind of hilarious to see Genevieve hate anyone. When Zoila tells her that she doesn’t want to take the job away from Rosie, Genevieve decides to hire both of them because she wants Zoila back. She comes back to work for Genevieve and it quickly becomes obvious that Zoila is angry about the decision Genevieve made (choosing Zoila’s life over the baby), and Zoila quits, saying that she can’t be around Genevieve anymore.

Rosie: Peri’s career is booming and she is still with Spence – he still doesn’t remember why he married Rosie, and Peri is filling his head with lies, saying that he was an alcoholic and that Rosie tricked him into marrying him. A few glimmers of Rosie pop up here and there, but Peri crushes them quickly. After seeing that Peri is hiding something from Spence, Jesse pairs up with Rosie to help Spence remember. After sneaking Rosie into a party she talks to Spence and after kissing him, he still doesn’t remember their love accusing her of trying to destroy their family again. After she calls him Mr. Spence he chases after her, slips and bangs his head, remembering everything. Spence gets drunk, throws Peri into a wall and tells her that he’s going to get revenge for hurting him… with the whole party looking on and taking pictures. When Spence wakes up in a drunken stupor in the morning he’s in a room with Peri… who is dead on the floor, killed with her own acting award! Seems Spence’s storyline this season will be trying to get out of a murder he likely didn’t commit.

Carmen (and the Powell’s):  It has been six months since Evelyn and Adrian’s house blew up and he has survived, but is paralyzed and in a wheelchair. Evelyn is still with Adrian, but it’s clear that she is very unhappy and wants to get a divorce as soon as he can walk. The doctor tells Evelyn that Adrian will never walk again… is he faking to keep her? Yes he is the horrible little devil that he is! Finally Evelyn tells Adrian that she wants to leave him, but can’t because he’s in the chair. He’s happy that she stayed for any reason and will do whatever he can to win her love.

Carmen is still cleaning for the Powell’s and things are going well for her, that is until her “cousin” Daniella comes to Los Angeles and wants to be a singer just like Carmen, but really this is Carmen’s daughter and Daniella doesn’t know it. Adrian tells Daniella she can stay with them, and Carmen tries to push her out of the house – eventually she gives in to Daniella and tries to bond with her.

This premiere was a lot of fun and the overly hyped cameo from Eva Longoria was worth all the hype. Our four favorite ladies have some really great stories set up for this season (we are especially interested in Carmen and her daughter) and it was great to have Peri back, even if it was only for one episodes. She’s just so much fun to hate. Episode grade: A-

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