‘Bones’ season 11, episode 17 reaction: Booth’s Secret Service operation

Bones -It feels like it’s been a long time since we took a specific look at a “Bones” episode while it was airing, and in retrospect “The Secret in the Service” Thursday night feels like the right place to start. It is an episode that stuffed in a wide array of drama, though there was a little humor and some Booth / Brennan banter mixed in.

In terms of fun, the real highlight here was seeing these characters interact with one another while she was battling illness. If we were legitimately worried about her face, it wouldn’t have been as okay; but, knowing that she was going to emerge all right, there was some comedy that came out of her tea and her trying to work even when she couldn’t. Also, there was a sweet relationship moment for the two of them as her illness proved to be a good way for Booth to distract himself from a traumatic case that brought to mind his own military experience.

As a way to help cover for her sickness, we saw the return of Fisher! We learned precisely what he has been up to since leaving the show, and let’s just say that his proclamations¬†of “nubile women”¬†in the workplace were a little bit different than advertised.

The case itself was one that eventually did put Booth in the line of fire in order to undercover the truth behind a death in the political world; we had the Secret Service involved, and also a man struggling to recover from some time served. The case balanced itself out well. While we don’t quite think that there is anything in here that will be remembered weeks down the road, that doesn’t make it any less entertaining as a whole.

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