‘Law & Order: SVU’ season 18 wishlist: New cases, more Barba, stability

Law & Order: SVU logoWe have now made it to the end of “Law & Order: SVU” season 17, and now, the next phase of the year-long cycle begins: Waiting. Season 18 will not premiere until the fall, and with that, we’re left to do little other than speculate about the future of the show.

Below, we’ve cultivated a few simple suggestions regarding how the series can move into the Rick Eid era, capture what Warren Leight did so well, and prepare for what could be many more great seasons on the air.

1. A new squad member – With Mike Dodds gone, it feels like we need at least one more permanent member of the team. This is especially true since Carisi could eventually move on to law if he wanted. We don’t like to specify a particular kind of person, mostly since that really doesn’t matter too much to us so long as they are someone intriguing and have a backstory that helps them to stand out from the crowd.

2. Stable relationships – Whether it is Benson and Tucker or someone else, wouldn’t it be nice to have someone have their personal life together for a little bit? It’d give the show some more fascinating layers to work with, since we’ve already seen instability played out many times.

3. More Barba and Fin – The latter had a good arc in the finale, but effectively disappeared at times before then. Fin always needs something more to do, especially since he’s been a key cog in the show for such a long time.

4. Different cases – The show already does a good job mixing things up, and showing the complexities and layers behind some of these horrific crimes. Don’t shy away from continuing to act tough questions or get complacent. Relevancy is one of the reasons “SVU” has had a long life in the first place.

(Photo: NBC.)

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