‘Britain’s Got Talent’ review: Craig Ball, the Tongi Brothers, Trip Hazard, and others in live show #5

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This season, “Britain’s Got Talent” has occasionally gone bananas … and we had no better example of that than seeing a singing version of Davros, creator of the Daleks, getting buzzed by all four judges. Yet, there were some lovely acts tonight, and they help to give us hope that maybe we’ll have a worthy final after all.

Not only are we going to offer up some further updates on the show throughout the night, but at the end we’ll have these all ranked in order of worst to best.

9. The Deep Space Deviants a.k.a. Davros – Really horrendous. He never should have been put through in the first place, and we say this as someone who likes the cheesy / camp acts that often just come across as terrible. The worst thing about this was that these poor women had to subject themselves to this routine of a guy in a bad costume singing bad songs. It didn’t even really look like he practiced it all that much!

8. Elite Squad Royalz – Hate the name. The act itself is charming enough, but it’s really not anything different than we’ve seen. Also, going first on “BGT” is an utter kiss of death, so there’s almost zero chance they move on. Just look at Bollywest Fusion, one of the best acts so far, and yet someone who failed to even get into the top five vote-getters on their night.

7. Chloe Fenton – Chloe has a ton of energy, and there’s no doubt that she is good at what she does. For us, this is probably just not our personal cup of tea. We find it all to be a little too much like a pageant routine as opposed to something that we’d vote for in order for her to get into the final.

6. Ana & Fia – They’re pretty strong singers, but the song choice was so overly sentimental and sappy that it really didn’t endear us to them at all. We wish they’d have a little more fun, but that is a criticism that we could offer for many of the vocal acts that we’ve seen so far this season. It’s okay to move around the stage a bit!

5. Jasmine Elcock – You could say the same thing about Jasmine here, though we do think there was a little bit more zeal and star quality behind her performance as opposed to what we saw from Ana & Fia. She’s got a decent chance of being put through, though based on her placement, the show is really angling for some variety in the final.

4. The Tongi Brothers – You could really feel the nerves and the degree of difficulty here. How do we put them higher than the singers when you make a mistake? The difference here is that there is such a minuscule margin of error here, and there are very few people who could actually do this better than they do. These guys are gutsy, intense, and a lot of fun to watch, mistake included.

3. Presentation School Choir – They are probably going to win the night, and we understand why. They are rather spectacular at what they do, and their subtle choreography makes them stand out somewhat from the other choirs out there. If we had a small quibble, it is possibly just that we did not especially love this particular song choice, since it brought them down to a little bit tempo-wise and it made their movements more challenging.

2. Trip Hazard – Cute. Really, that’s what it is: It’s a well-trained little dog doing cute tricks. Nothing is altogether revolutionary, but it was a really nice little routine with a great concept and a wonderful choice of music. Fans are going to really like this dog, and we think that there’s at least a chance that it barks its way to the final, even if going in the middle of the show is sometimes a fairly enormous challenge.

  1. Craig Ball – It’s hard enough to sing in-tune to Adele’s “Hello”; it’s another thing entirely to be able to do it using a variety of really good impressions. There were a few that were better than others (Minnie Mouse was a little bit of a lowlight), but the Peter / Stewie Griffin and the Shrek ones were particularly fantastic. We’d love someone with humor in the final to liven things up, and Craig could be the guy.

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