Starz unveils ‘Power’ season 3 premiere date — now on Sunday night

We do know that Starz has become more successful in the realm of original programming, but one of the reasons that they have been successful is because they’ve carved out their own little niche on the schedule. Saturdays have been known as Starz nights, and a chance to enjoy other programming when there is little else on TV.

Unfortunately, the times are a-changin’ now with the network, given that today the network announced that beginning with the launch of “Power” season 3 on Sunday, July 17, this will be their new night for original programming. “Survivor’s Remorse” will premiere the following week on a Sunday, which will allow it to benefit in part from a “Power” lead-in.

Speaking about the move in a new statement to The Hollywood Reporter, network CEO Chris Albrecht passed along the following message:

“We see opportunity … Saturdays have worked so well that we feel our shows are going to be able to stand up on the most watched night of the week.”

In some ways, we think that there is an opportunity for “Power” to get better ratings on Sundays, especially since there is nothing else like this airing at the time. In general, though, we do feel largely opposed to the move. Why do it? You have a niche, and you’re taking the niche away. We enjoyed being able to watch Starz series live, and now having them air against other things will force us to make some more difficult programming decisions for Sundays, a night that was already crowded to begin with.

What do you think: Is a move to Sundays a good thing for “Power” and Starz, or a little too risky a move to fix what isn’t actually broken? Share below.

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