‘UnREAL’ season 2 spoilers: More scoop on Rachel’s new love interest


Given that romance is such a theme of “UnREAL” in one way or another, we’re not surprised to see in one way or another that love is coming back in the lives of some of our main characters. With that being said, we feel like expectations are going to be high for the Rachel storyline in particular. The relationship between her and Adam Cromwell became so fascinating to watch for many reasons, with one of the primary ones being that these two were, by and large, such polar opposites that seeing them together was compelling. There was also a certain element of “you want what you cannot have” that came out of seeing the two try to navigate what could have been something more.

Ultimately, the characters are moving on, and for Rachel, she is going to have someone new in her life in Coleman, played on the show by Michael Rady. Here’s what she had to say on the subject of him to Entertainment Weekly:

“If Adam was the fairy tale version of the life that Rachel could’ve had, and Jeremy [Josh Kelly] was like the safe life that Rachel could have… Coleman sort of feels like, wait, this could actually be the guy … He comes from a documentary film background, he has a nice Jewish family and a house in Martha’s Vineyard. It could be like this really idyllic life.”

With all of this said, it’s probably not going to work out just for this reason. Typically ideals fall apart, and Rachel’s life is complicated. She has an extremely demanding job, a history of trouble, and also questions that could linger about Adam and Jeremy. Who knows what her story will hold by the end of season 2?

For now, all we can tell you is that the second season will premiere on Lifetime on Monday, June 6, and we will have further news leading up to it.

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