‘Legends of Tomorrow’ season 2 wishlist: More Rex Tyler, a different Ray Palmer, and more Jax

LegendsThe first season of “Legends of Tomorrow” is officially done, and while it’d be nice to be able to write a glowing review for much of it, we don’t really think that we can. There were many issues that the show had, starting from a premise that was at times confusing, romantic pairing that just didn’t work (mostly Ray / Kendra), and a story arc involving Vandal Savage that couldn’t build momentum since it never felt like much of the story mattered.

Ultimately, the best thing that the show did was wrap up much of this story in season 1. This gives them a clean slate to work with for the second season, and at the same time, it definitely makes it easier to write this particular wishlist article than it would be otherwise. We’ve got a pinpointed list of suggestions that, even if they don’t fix the show, should at least help to push it in the right direction.

1. Establish more of a focal point – We bounced around so much in the first season that we could use the focus being on one character a little more prominently. This is what the other DC Comics shows do so well. We’d be fine if it was Ray Palmer given that there is so much story to be explored there, especially the darker corners that weren’t often explored in season 1. We need to experience this odd journey more through someone’s eyes.

2. A different villain – Rather than having another immortal, have an opponent for the time who is either a time traveler in their own way, or someone grounded in a particular point that the Legends could try to change through history. Had the show unleashed the whole time-travel theory with Vandal, it’d probably be easier to see that story in a vacuum now.

3. Rex Tyler! We’ve not only introduced now the hero otherwise known as Hourman, but also the Justice Society of America. Let’s not shy away from bringing in a few more people from this group, and also establish more of how they work within this universe. (In the comic, they are frequently a group of heroes from Earth-2.)

4. More Jax – He was likely the most underutilized character in the cast the first season, but the majority of the time we saw more of him (such as his pseudo-romance in the past and also him meeting his biological father), it was really great. There’s untapped potential here.

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