‘Ink Master’ season 7 finale review: Did Anthony Michaels, Cleen Rock One, or Christian Buckingham win?

Ink MasterIt has been a shorter run of “Ink Master” season 7, but it has been an intense competition. We’ve had newbies versus veterans and watched as Anthony Michaels and Christian Buckingham picked off all the biggest and baddest names in tattooing – all except for Cleen Rock One! Who will be taking home the title? Let’s find out.

For this finale the competition has changed. Instead of doing on 35 hour back piece the artists will be doing two 24 hour pieces: One will be on the chest and will be a style chosen by the judges to test their weaknesses. The other will be a full sleeve in a style of their choosing to showcase their strengths. One artist will be chosen to be int he final two by America while the other will be chosen by a jury of their eliminated peers.

There were a few events that took place in the finale; specifically, you can head over here to see the results of the Sausage vs. Matti Hixston battle! We’ll ignore much of the rest of the filler, but the latest St. Marq battle was pretty darn funny.

America’s Vote – For the chest piece, the public went with Anthony! No surprise, though it is interesting given that he may have actually had the weakest of the pieces because it seemed as though he didn’t finish his tattoo.

Artists’ Vote – The former contestants went with … Cleen? Well, here’s the issue with Christian being so aggressive all season; nobody wanted to support him as the winner. The real shame here is that we actually do think that he was the best artist on the night, and produced the more consistent work. He should have probably won, and we say that as someone who hasn’t always supported him.

The final decision – It’s Anthony! The fan favorite won! The audience doesn’t have to boo Cleen anymore! Okay, we’re done using exclamation points … at least for now.

Ultimately, the twist for the final two in many ways screwed up what was elsewhere an interesting / entertaining finale; Anthony’s a worthy winner, mostly because we think across the board this season, he’s produced a stronger overall quality of work. Episode grade: B.

What did you think of the winner of this year’s “Ink Master”? Leave us a comment below and tell us what you thought of this season as a whole, the twist and the winner. If you want more news on “Ink Master” including what is coming up on season 8 this fall, then head on over to the link here and read all about it. Also, if you want more great TV news sent your way then be sure to sign up for our weekly CarterMatt newsletter. (Photo: Spike TV)

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