‘Faking It’ season 4, and what the Katie Stevens – Rita Volk comedy could have been

At this point a week ago, we would’ve just assumed as though tonight’s “Faking It” finale was not going to be the end of the road for the show at all. Instead, we had assumed more that it would be a stepping stone to a greater story. We were not even sure that it was going to be the end of season 3.

Yet, we are where we are now, and that has led to tonight being the series finale. The ratings were just not good enough to justify the show continuing forward, which is a severe bummer given the subject matter and the need there was to have a complete story out there of this variety. It’s rare; while shows may be getting much more inclusive, that typically means just having an LGBTQ character in a supporting role. That’s why so many of them have been killed off over the past year; they’re not the lead, so it’s easier to write them out. Here, the entire show is being written out.

What would a “Faking It” season 4 look like? We presume that it would have given us an opportunity to see what Amy (Rita Volk) and Karma (Katie Stevens) would be up to following another string of reveals, and presumably following Karma starting to realize that maybe she does have deeper feelings for her best friend than she allows herself to see. Executive producer Carter Covington has already said that he wanted to explore the idea of the two of them in a more romantic way in the show’s final season; there was no guarantee season 4 was going to be it, but MTV could have informed him of that in advance and given him the opportunity.

Unfortunately, we’re just going to have to sit around and wonder what could have been, and for many longtime fans, that is indeed a great shame.

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