ABC’s ‘Castle’ series finale review: Who is LokSat, and did Castle and Beckett have their happy ending?

Fans of “Castle,” we hope you had your hankies ready for this one. The series finale arrived at our door Monday night, and it for the most part revolved around one simple question: Could Castle and Beckett finally destroy LokSat once and for all?

First, we have to reveal who was behind that moniker: Mason Wood! It turns out that he is so much more than just a guy at the Greatest Detective Society; he’s also been conducting dangerous and secret undercover missions. Personally, we knew Gerald McRaney was bad news ever since Barlow went after Branch in “Longmire.” Sure, it was a somewhat-predictable reveal, but when you’ve got a great guest star like this, you might as well use them in every way that you can.

At around the 52-minute mark, it became clear to us just how much danger Beckett was precisely in courtesy of Rick’s interrogation of Mason’s cohort. This quickly became a race against time to save her, while Beckett at the same time was told by Mason that her husband was dead. Fat chance! Castle (who eventually found his way to her) and Beckett teamed up one more time, and they took him down! LokSat is over, and the couple has a chance to be happy … or were they? Caleb Brown mounted a last-minute attack, but they survived, and from here, we learned that they had a happy future with kids and much more in a brief flash-forward to many years down the road.

There were a few character updates along the way, whether it be a Lanie sighting to seeing Castle’s family all together happy. It’s a shame that the ending felt so completely tacked-on, as it was obvious it was a “just in case’ situation that didn’t really fit. Was it still nice? Absolutely, but we wish there was more time to get us there since the rushed nature of things took some of the air out of the tires.

In the end, it was impossible for this finale to really measure up to eight seasons of television, mystery, humor, romance, everything and then some. It would have been nice if we’d had several weeks to prepare for the finale, but at least we received the ending almost everyone wanted. The love story is at an end, and we now imagine that Castle – Beckett fans can always be happy. Finale Grade: B.

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