‘Once Upon a Time’ season 5 wishlist: Weddings, loose ends, and … Jamie Dornan?

Once Upon A TimeOn Sunday night, “Once Upon a Time” concluded its fifth season with a few big twists, with the biggest one being that the Evil Queen is still very much out there. To make things worse, she’s no longer trapped within Regina’s body! The two characters have been split, and you have to think that this will be interesting to see unfold as a cliffhanger moving into season 6.

So what else do we want to see on the story moving forward? We’ve compiled our Wishlist below. Take a look!

Plenty of Evil Queen – Where the show got themselves in trouble with the story of the Dark Swan is that the writers were likely limited in how evil they could make Emma without upsetting people. Since you can argue that the Evil Queen isn’t really Regina at this point, you can go nuts with her here, especially in how she could show up somewhere and someone could think Regina is actually behind some terrible things.

A wedding – It’s time for Hook and Emma. For how long the show has been around, there really haven’t been enough weddings! We feel like at this point, just let these two be happy. There are other ways to complicate their stories moving forward.

The culmination of Rumpelstiltskin’s story – Either he is a hero or a villain; we’re not sure we can see him fluctuate anymore. As a matter of fact, we’re concerned that Rumple’s story, besides Belle, may be starting to be played out. The producers need an interesting twist with this character — and fast.

Aladdin – The groundwork is already there thanks to “Once Upon a Time in Wonderland,” but we’ve somehow yet to meet one of the most-popular Disney characters out there. Why not introduce him? Plus, it’s a chance to bring back Naveen Andrews and Giancarlo Esposito in some capacity.

Jamie Dornan returns! – Yes, we know we’re in full pipe-dream territory now, given that he’s extremely busy and the odds of him coming back are slim since he wasn’t in the 100th episode; still, there are some loose ends from Sheriff Graham’s death that really have not been brought up or addressed. One episode could be useful in helping to tie some of these up a little bit further.

While we’re add it, go ahead and add Sebastian Stan to the list of people we’d love to see on the show again at some point. Jefferson was a fascinating character with a cool backstory.

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