‘Fear the Walking Dead’ season 2, episode 6 review: Chris’ inner struggle; Strand loses someone dear

Strand -For the past several weeks, we’ve wondered what would await the cast of “Fear the Walking Dead” in the event that they made it to Mexico. Well, we got a good sense of that on Sunday night’s new episode, and it was hardly a bed of flowers for them. Instead, it’s equally dangerous as anywhere else they’ve been. The problem is that some of these issues lay buried underneath the surface.

First and foremost, you’ve got the issue of someone within our core family causing problems. Chris is becoming cold, disconnected. First, he was going to let a zombie kill Madison, forcing Alicia to step in and ensure that nothing happening. From there, he also threatened Alicia when she talked about spreading the word about what he had done. This behavior caused Travis and Madison to be at a divide over what to do; he reminded her that he was always there for Nick during some of his tribulations, so he really wants her to do the same for him.

Meanwhile, we also got a sense precisely why Strand wanted to be there so badly: Tom was there, and while he was clearly very sick, there were some touching moments between the two.

Now, let’s talk about the downside … the scary downside. Specifically, we’re speaking here in terms of seeing all the zombies that are being kept by Celia in this place beyond the gate; they’re not being killed out of loyalty to their time at the estate; yet, one wrong move will cause chaos, and that’s something we expect.

Through the course of the episode, we had a story of faith also play out here as we had questions about what to believe, what zombies represent, and where this story could be going. It seems that Strand has officially lost Tom (and also shot him to prevent him from turning), and in the closing minutes, Chris’ inner demons caused him to pick up a knife. Something is being done to these people, and it may be something rather horrifying that carries into next week’s midseason finale. For now, we’re hooked; this may be the best twist ending to the season yet. Grade: A-.

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