‘Big Brother Canada’ season 5 wishlist: A purer game, no All-Stars (yet), and more

BB CanadaWe understand that it may be hard to necessarily think towards the future following an underwhelming season of “Big Brother Canada,” but we’re going to do our best to try to do that anyway over the course of the next few hundred words. There is likely going to be another season of the show airing next year, and we do want to figure out precisely what that could look at, and what sort of plan Global should have.

Ultimately, we think the first idea that should be implemented is rather easy to figure out.

1. Fewer game-altering twists – We think the show did cut back slightly from season 3, but still the top three this season were all tied to a twist somehow. The brothers played together, Kelsey had been evicted before, and Tim showed up a week late. “Big Brother 17” was a really entertaining season for the most part, and it had almost no twists at all after the Battle of the Block ended.

Twists are fine, but they should be ones that the players control, and also ones that all players know about in advance so they can prepare for them and are all on equal footing.

2. Resist the All-Stars urge – If you are doing All-Stars after only four seasons, you’re bored and/or showing a lack of faith in your casting. There just isn’t a good enough crop yet. We’re close, but give it one more year so that you’re really getting a wide sample of people from multiple seasons.

3. Fewer tasks – This one will probably be polarizing since some people like them, but we found this season in particular the editing TV show was not actually lining up with reality. There wasn’t enough time every week to show gameplay and what was really happening in the house.

4. Keep the Canadian spirit – Heck, why not embrace it even more? We don’t want the show to become “Big Brother US.” We like Marsha the Moose, the house is gorgeous on this show, and some of the later challenge builds this season were awesome. Keep those things around, and find a new game innovation similar to Battle of the Block in theory (just not it) that makes you stand out. Keep it consistent.

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