‘Orange is the New Black’ season 4 trailer: Things get very dark for Piper, Ramos and Crazy Eyes

It has been a long wait for new episodes of “Orange is the New Black” and although there is still another month to go, we have the trailer for season 4 to help get us through (check that out below). What’s going to be happening to the ladies of Litchfield penitentiary? Looks like quite a bit and that includes a dark turn for the show.

Seasons 1-3 of “Orange is the New Black” has always been labeled as a comedy, though we really never understood that since it was more of a drama with comedic moments (we suspect it was to submit to awards season as a comedy and not have to go up in the most competitive category of drama). Season 4 is going to be switching gears and pushing viewers into some darker territory – it couldn’t be all fun and games forever… this is prison after all.

The trailer shows us that Piper will be facing some anger from the other women and is even going to have her life threatened. We have seen this storyline (somewhat) before when Doggett tried to kill her back in earlier seasons, but this is more of a group of women that are sick of Piper running the place. There’s a restlessness in the prison and after being locked up together for so long and everything that Piper has done, it’s not surprising that this is where the women are at, but she won’t be the only one facing trouble. It looks like we will see some kind of medical emergency with Suzanne (Crazy Eyes), and Red will be cooking up some new scheme – possibly with Alex. Speaking of Alex, she was mostly absent from the trailer outside of what we thought was her voice asking Red if she can “keep a secret”, which was crazy to us, because she had one of the biggest cliffhangers ever as she faced her death in the greenhouse!

The one person who looks like they will be getting a much bigger storyline this season is Ramos. After Doggett managed to free herself from the guard that was assaulting her last season, we saw Ramos become his new driver and the trailer shows us that she will be dealing with the ramifications of that this season. There will also be a ton of new inmates now that this is a for-profit prison, leading up to some of our first heavy race related wars. Also, for all of you fans of “The Wire” doesn’t this song in the trailer remind you of that theme song “Way Down int the Hole”?

What did you think of the new trailer for “Orange is the New Black” season 4 and do you like the dark direction the show is going in? Leave us a comment below and share your thoughts on what you want to see this season

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