‘Bloodline’ season 2, episode 5 review: Meg helps John runs for Sheriff, Marco pushes Danny murder

BloodlineWith Lowry dead, are the Rayburn family secrets finally buried for good or will Danny’s tape surface and ruin everything? We also have Nolan and his mother up to no good and after the Rayburn’s money, so not all of their troubles are at an end. Let’s see what “Bloodline” has in store for us this time.

Ozzy and Eve are in a relationship and he’s frustrated at how the Rayburn’s have treated her and Nolan all of these years, but Eve has a plan. She meets with Meg and tells her that Robert’s payments were hush money to not ruin the Rayburn family name with her and Danny’s child (what is this 1950?) and that Sally won’t honor the agreement any more. Meg tells her the same thing Sally did, which is that they aren’t paying her anymore, but later Meg finds mention of “allowances” in Robert’s will towards his grandchildren. Sally wants Eve to leave and to take Nolan with her, but Ozzy has some plans of his own. He has introduced himself to John and has started dropping hints that he knows some stuff about John.

Meg has worked out a good deal for Kevin and his charges, but it requires him to go through a rehabilitation program, 1 year probation and will have his suspended license and he agrees, but he hasn’t been able to stop drinking. Nolan gets a job working for Kevin scrubbing boats (guess that drug money from his first score has been able to pay for some workers) and learns a bit about Kevin’s problems with substance abuse.

With Danny’s murder seemingly behind him, John is pushing forward with his run for Sheriff, but Frank is not going to make this easy for him. Even though Lowry is dead, Frank is keeping the investigation into Danny’s murder open to help his own campaign as he reminds the voters of who Danny was, what he did and that he is John’s brother. We understand Frank’s reasoning for it, but it seems a little strange story-wise (for us as a viewer) since there is no other suspects or line of evidence for the Sheriff to suspect anyone else. When all off the evidence comes in from the Lowry case, John searches for the tape, but it’s no where to be found. Does Frank have it?

Meg suggests that John drop out of the race to get Frank to back off and he says no telling Meg that he needs to be Sheriff to protect them from the tape and anything else that might surface. Meg agrees to run John’s campaign, but they have an uphill battle against Frank, so she decides (after some prodding from a potential investor and Marco telling her that he’s still pushing forward on Danny’s murder) to dig up some dirt on Frank to help John get elected.

Marco continues the investigation into Danny’s death by questioning Eric and starts pointing the finger at Eric as Danny’s killer. He tells Eric he knows about his falling out with Danny, that he gave up Danny when they were at the hotel and that after that night Danny never reached out to Eric again, but what Marco doesn’t know is that Eric was with Danny after his father’s death and the plan was to meet up with Eric and Nolan after he was done talking to John… but we know how that talk ended. After talking to Marco, Eric meets up with Ozzy and starts to puts some pieces together about Danny’s murder.

We had a few flashbacks to Danny and Nolan and it was nice to see that even though Danny was a terrible father, that he did try and he did care in the only way Danny knows how. He’s a character that often made the wrong decisions, but he wasn’t all bad. Episode grade: B+

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