‘Bloodline’ season 2, episode 4 review: Did John help Wayne Lowry to save himself?

BloodlineThings were starting to look up for John and the Rayburn family on the last episode of “Bloodline”, but with Kevin running off to “make things right with Lowry” we know that everything is going to fall apart as it does every time Kevin tries to help. Let’s see just how badly he messes things up with his act of good will.

Kevin heads over to Lowry’s house and gives him back the drugs he stole. He leaves thinking that everything is going to be okay now that he did the right thing, but Lowry has other plans as he sends one of his men to run Kevin off the road. When the cops show up they take him to jail for the small amount of drugs he kept and Meg extends her stay in Florida to represent him, but her time away from work causes her to lose her job in New York.

So how bad are things for John now that Kevin “helped”? Well Lowry tells John that he plans on starting up his business again now that the higher ups in his organization have given him a second chance after Kevin returned the drugs and John quickly sees where this is going. Lowry tells him that not only does he have the tape Danny gave him, but now he has Kevin too and enough dirt to completely bury John, so he expects John to start working for him. He wants John to tell him where the Feds are looking and where it’s blind so that he can get his business moving without trouble or he’s going to sing about everything he knows. John weighs his options: Help Lowry or confess – so he goes to Meg and asks her to promise to take care of Diana and the kids for him if he does go that route and that he will take the entire blame for all of it. So what did John do? He decides to help Lowry, but it’s a set up with Marco to arrest Lowry and his crew – not what we expected John to do, but we are pleasantly surprised that he didn’t do the wrong thing to save his own hide. The team is able to capture Lowry’s crew, but Lowry himself is dead when they get to him, murdered… but by who? Could this be Kevin’s work, trying to help John after mucking everything up? Turns out that the person that killed Lowry is Vicente, the man who’s daughter was killed because of Lowry.

Nolan’s mother, Eve, shows up at the Rayburn Inn and starts talking to Sally and she quickly realizes that this is his mother. When Eve starts talking about college for Nolan, Sally realizes that she’s there for money and calls her out on it. Eve tells her about the arrangement she had with Sally’s husband and has now been cut off, but Sally’s not willing to pay her anything saying that the arrangement she had with her husband is now at an end. On Eve’s way out, she steals the credit card information of one of Sally’s guests.

We really love how the writers have used the ghost of Danny this season to haunt John. It’s been a nice way to include Danny in the season and show just how deeply affected John is with everything that happened and just how much weight he is carrying on his shoulders. Our favorite scenes have always been John and Danny together, so we are delighted that the show has found a way to keep that going. Episode grade: A-

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