‘Chicago PD’ season 3, episode 22 review: The aftermath of the Roman – Burgess attack

Chicago PD -Last time on “Chicago PD” we had a glimpse into what is going to be “Chicago Justice”, meeting some of the new characters that will be popping up over there, but we also had a chance to see Burgess and Roman’s very new relationship, become exposed at work. Tonight we get a chance to see the fall out of that as well as how everyone treats Burgess and Roman now that they know and the chaos from the shooting is put to rest.

Roman is doing physio to get better, and Trudy and Burgess are doing what they can to help get him back to work quickly. Roman thinks he will be partnered back up with Burgess when he returns, but Trudy says it’s going to be tricky because they are in a relationship now.

Also, there are some other complications. Because of his injuries, it’s possible that Roman may not ever go to work again in the way that he once did. He has to make a decision on his future, and it could be San Diego. He also wants Burgess to come with him, which is certainly far and away from the commitment we saw from Ruzek. There’s no question that he really wants to ensure that this relationship makes the trip, but we just can’t see Burgess doing that, especially so soon after much of the PD rallied behind her.

With Halstead looking for a new apartment (and not coming up with a lot of great options) is it possible that he might ask her to move in with him? That’d be nice, but we don’t think the show is completely there yet. What we had instead was an extremely emotional Lindsay-centric case where she did her best to help Polly, a young woman who lost almost everyone she cared about. She was able to leave the city eventually, but not without a ton of tribulation.

As solid as the Lindsay case was, we feel like this is one of those stepping-stone episodes. The series had to transition from the “Chicago Justice” pilot to the finale, and this was largely just a good way to get from point A to point B. Grade: B-.

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