‘The Amazing Race 28’ finale and its diverging stories

Race -The season 28 finale of “The Amazing Race” is airing on CBS Friday, and going into it, we’re not sure we’ve seen a finale quite like this in some time. Is this the most lopsided finale we’ve ever seen? It certainly has that feeling going into it. As a matter of fact, it’s a little reminiscent of the season 21 finale, where there were two capable contenders in the final leg, and the complete underdogs in Josh & Brent came through and won without taking home first in a single leg prior. Heck, they’d never finished higher than third before that.

Basically, what we’re trying to say here is despite however it may look on the surface, there is a clear path for Sheri & Cole to come through and win this whole race. They’ve also never finished higher than third, and on paper are the weakest time physically. They, they’ve never given up, and if you were to look at this social-media season in terms of narrative, they have the best one entering this last episode. They’ve grown as people, and we’ve constantly seen them in situations where they had to face their fears and have to step up to the plate.

Ultimately, there’s always something great about seeing fighters win, and while you can argue that a Sheri & Cole win would be unsatisfying in that they’ve had some lucky breaks to even still be in the race, so have other winners in the past.

Now that we’ve hyped up this mother / son team, let’s be realistic: Maybe they have about a 10% chance of winning at best. What may surprise you is that we’d only give Dana & Matt about a 5% chance at it. They have won a leg, but look at their narrative this season. There hasn’t been much of anything about their story or their relationship; when they aren’t fighting, they are almost nonexistent. They may be one of the most under-edited final teams we’ve ever seen.

Tyler & Korey, meanwhile, whole an 85% chance at winning and for good reason. They’ve won the most legs in five, they’re the sharpest mentally, and they have played the most strategic game. We think that them winning will be satisfying, even if it makes for a somewhat predictable final leg.

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