‘Survivor: Kaoh Rong’ episode 13 rankings: Who could make it to the finale — and win

Survivor -The sun is starting to set on this season of “Survivor,” but we do still have two episodes where we will see five become four, and eventually four become one. How that happens is still somewhat up for the debate, but for this edition of our rankings, we’re going to continue to operate under the assumption that we’re going to have a final two this season. That’s just what makes the most sense with the number of people who are left.

As always, we’re basing these rankings on strategy, screen time, challenge ability, and threat level. we’re still considering the edit, but we’re trying to minimize that a little bit at this point because we think that we still have so many people left who could technically win. It’s a little different than other seasons.

5. Joe Del Campo (last week: 6) – As we said last week, the biggest thing working against Joe at present is that we just can’t imagine him winning against anyone. If he had a chance, wouldn’t we be seeing more of him playing the game than we are? Now that we’ve said all of this, he’s the perfect person to take to the end for the reasons we’ve mentioned. What may complicate it somewhat is that there are situations we see people like Cydney and Michele getting rid of him to ensure that Aubry doesn’t have a solid #2.

4. Tai Trang (4) – Tai’s been an interesting case to follow, since we don’t know if there’s a big discrepancy between the guy we love to watch and the player in the game who has flipped on alliances and may not have a lot of votes on the jury. While we’d love to see him win, who’s a lock to be voting for Tai in the jury right now? We cannot name a single person, and people like Scot and Jason may be angry towards him.

3. Michele Fitzgerald (2) – Now, there have been a ton of people talking about Michele’s winner edit; we’ve been one of them, and we’ve even felt at times that her “I don’t need to be carried, bro” was the sort of thing that shows up in a winner montage. However, in following her arc this season, we’re starting to think that this is more of a second-place edit, similar to Spencer Bledsoe last season. She’s being presented as a positive alternative. She’s well-liked, but other than fighting with Tai at tribal council, there isn’t much to point to as a win to make her worthy over either of the top two ladies.

2. Cydney Gillon (3) – The more we see Cydney play, the more and more impressed we are about how she can be herself, be fairly upfront, and yet still make big moves and secure her safety. She’s not a super-sneaky player, but is proving that she doesn’t need to. If she can get rid of Aubry and win an immunity or two, we see almost no reason to doubt that she comes out of this a million dollars richer.

1. Aubry Bracco (1) – Let’s all take a minute now and actually stop talking about the edit and all external factors from the game, since it’s very well possible that these hired professionals could be trying to trick us. The reality is that if we were in the game right now, Aubry would be the frontrunner. She’s played the best strategic game, shown her fight in challenges, and hasn’t really made any enemies. She also has Neal over on the jury to help fight for her. Aubry and Cydney would be a fun tribal council, but we think she beats her or anyone else, for that matter.

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