‘Faking It’ season 3, episode 9 video: Karma, Felix question Sabrina’s boyfriend

At the moment, both Karma and Felix on “Faking It” have something that they have in common, and that is a mutual desire to destroy Sabrina once and for all. Amy’s former camp friend has monopolized her time, and with New Year’s Eve rapidly approaching, she’s also making it hard for Felix to have a chance with her. It’s something that he’d been looking forward to for some time as a milestone after going through rehab. Unfortunately, she’s taken that way from him.

So with all of this in mind, apparently the idea for the two characters is expose her for a liar, and using her long-distance boyfriend as a way to do it. In the sneak peek below, Karma and Felix go “undercover,” which does expose a problem that this show has often: Why don’t these characters think over their plans before acting? Sure, it’s funnier this way to have Karma pretend to be Australian, but there’s probably a way that this could have gone better.

Ultimately, though, they did get what they needed from the guy: Photographic proof that he and Sabrina are an item. They also seem to break the news to him about her and Amy as the clip ends.

Will all of this ultimately be effective in having Karma come around and realize what it is that they are doing? We’re not exactly optimistic about that, mostly because Amy probably won’t appreciate all the work that these two are doing in secret to undermine her relationship. For Felix, it could derail a relationship before it starts.

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