Ratings Bubble Report: Does ‘Game of Silence’ have any chance at season 2?

On paper, “Game of Silence” is one of those shows that really does have the potential to be like a “Secrets and Lies” or “Revenge” and expand beyond just a great premise into several seasons on the air. Unfortunately, at the moment there is one thing that it is still lacking in order to truly get there and succeed: The numbers. The ratings for the show as of yet have not been great, and to go along with that, NBC has one of the most competitive pilot seasons out there.

What we’re trying to say here is that regardless of its promise, “Game of Silence” could be silenced over the coming weeks. Still, it’s a nice discussion point for our Ratings Bubble Report article series today.

The case to keep it – For one, this is the sort of show that may need some time before it attracts an audience. It’s in a rough timeslot that has doomed many NBC shows ever since “ER” and it came on without any big-name cast members. With it being in midseason, it also did not benefit from the same sort of press tour that some other shows receive. A vote on the basis of potential would mark a nice sea change for a broadcast network. One of the reasons we’ve heard time and time again as to why viewers are flocking to cable is that they hate getting into a show only to find out that it’s canceled.

The case to cancel it – Other than potential and our own idealism, all other signs point to bad news. Ever since the premiere (which was buoyed by airing after “The Voice”), “Game of Silence” has averaged just a 0.7 rating in the 18-49 demographic. That’s not the sort of number that is going to get any network out there excited. There are few shows other than on The CW that get renewed with those sort of numbers. Live+7 data doesn’t matter as much, since live TV advertisers are the ones that are helping to fund your show.

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