‘The 100’ season 3, episode 15 review: Bellamy and Murphy join forces to save Clarke

The 100On the last episode of “The 100” we saw Raven get close to shutting down A.L.I.E. for good when she discovered a kill switch, but A.L.I.E. disconnected from the main frame just long enough to get herself to safety. Add to that the fact that Luna rejected taking the commander flame and sent Bellamy, Clarke, Jasper and Octavia back to the mainland, things are looking pretty good for A.L.I.E.’s world take over.

While Clarke is taking a moment to herself, Roan shows up and tries to take the flame from her, but after some discussion they both realize that they want the same thing – to put the chip in Ontari after disconnecting her from A.L.I.E. Clarke explains that they need to get Ontari out of Polis without any of A.L.I.E.’s minions knowing.

Once Roan agrees, Raven gives them an altered wristband to use on Ontari when they find her. Raven is staying behind to work on getting into A.L.I.E. again, but when Jasper starts asking a lot of specific questions, we see that he’s chipped and A.L.I.E. now knows their plan. Monty doesn’t realize that Jasper’s chipped when he spills the beans on bridging a portal into A.L.I.E. to shut her down. Once Monty finds the motherboard Raven needs to build the portal, Jasper stabs him and tries to take the motherboard, but Monty is able to snatch it from him, run back to the main room and lock him and Raven inside (and Jasper out). They try to radio Clarke’s group to warn them that they are walking into a trap, but Jasper cut the wires to the communication devices. This also means that Clarke now can’t radio in with the kill code, but Raven finds a way back into A.L.I.E. and works to find the kill switch.

Clarke, Roan, Bellamy and Octavia leave the bunker and head on their mission to get Ontari. Roan is going to pretend Clarke is his prisoner and present the flame to get access to Ontari and once he does then Bellamy and Octavia’s group will neutralize her and take off with her, but once they put the plan into action, they are met with Jaha, not Ontari. He tells them that they know about Bellamy’s group and that no one will help them, so to hand the flame over. As Bellamy’s group is taken prisoner, Roan threatens to kill Clarke saying that she is the only one who knows how to activate the flame. It gives her a minute to try to run, but as she turns, Kane shoots Roan and they now have Clarke.

They tie Clarke up as her mom sets to torture her until she gives the pass-code to the flame. She refuses and her mother stabs her over and over. When that doesn’t work Abby tells A.L.I.E. that Clarke’s friends are her weakness and to instead torture Bellamy until Clarke gives the password. Before they can bring Bellamy to Abby, Murphy and his group save the day and free them – never thought we’d be writing about Murphy as the hero, but here we are.

Murphy and his team are ready to escape, but Bellamy isn’t leaving without Clarke and after some discussion they decide to stay as Bellamy and Murphy go up alone into the tower. Once A.L.I.E. figures out that Bellamy and Murphy are on their way to save Clarke, Abby threatens to kill herself – a trick that worked on Kane… but will it work on Clarke? It doesn’t break Clarke and Abby hangs herself in what was a tremendously terrifying moment. Things only get worse when A.L.I.E. has Jaha try to kill Ontari. He smashes her in the head, but doesn’t kill her and before he can do anymore damage, Bellamy and Murphy show up and cut down Abby (who is still alive). Clarke fights to keep Ontari alive, but she’s brain dead and won’t be the one to give them the kill code.

We have been waiting a long time to see Bellamy and Murphy working together again since those first episodes of season one when he banished Murphy. They may not be the best of friends, but seeing them working side by side for a larger purpose has shown some serious growth in both characters. Clarke also had a really heavy moment tonight choosing to let her mom hang herself as she looked forward to the bigger picture for human kind. She has always been a conflicted character trying to do the right thing and it’s one of the many reasons we love Clarke. Episode grade: A-

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