‘The Good Wife’ series finale: Cush Jumbo, Christine Baranski, more talk ending

The finale for “The Good Wife” is coming your way on Sunday, and like any other series finale out there, you better expect that there are going to be some moments that are emotional, and also some moments that will polarize the internet in some way. It’s just woven into the fabric of what we expect from series-enders these days. It’s impossible to please everyone, so really you just have to work on creating something you are happy with and hope that most longtime fans are, as well.

In the end, it does certainly feels as though the show’s cast is content with how everything goes down. Speaking to E! News, Cush Jumbo (who plays Lucca Quinn) shared some of her thoughts with the following:

“I am incredibly satisfied with the ending … I didn’t feel like anything had been stolen from me, I wasn’t bereft. I felt satisfied and kind of curious as to what would’ve happened to those people in the future.”

Meanwhile, Christine Baranski (Diane) added that this finale will probably especially appeal to those who have been watching the show for many years:

“The people I think who really get the show, who really understand the best of what this show is will totally get it.”

It’s almost a lost cause to sit here and discuss the finale in terms of personal expectations and whether or not we think it’ll deliver. It almost doesn’t matter since every person will have their own opinion of it. The one thing we hope, to quote a certain Mike Ehrmantraut, is that there are no half-measure. Go big, don’t be afraid, and create something true to the characters. It doesn’t need to be a happy ending; it just needs to be an ending.

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