‘Survivor: Kaoh Rong’ episode 12 video: The most important Immunity Challenge yet

Joe -

Have we seen the “Survivor” immunity challenge featured in the video below before? We certainly don’t recall it; maybe there have been other variations of it, but if nothing else we do appreciate the CBS show giving us at least something here that has not necessarily been done to death in other forms just yet.

What’s also fascinating about this sneak peek below is that Joe is actually leading at the time it ends! That is not necessarily an endorsement of him as the winner, but we’re glad to see him at least in the game after having to basically throw in the towel on this past immunity. We’d also love to see him become a bigger player strategically as well, given he’s been so quiet on the show.

Without question, this is the most important immunity that we’ve seen so far given that we are so close to the end of the game now, and there are a few people who have a lot to fight for. Jason, for example, knows that he is on the outs, and winning here could buy him some time to get some new numbers assembled around him. Meanwhile, if Tai wins he can basically ensure his safety for a couple more weeks, provided that his immunity idol is good until the end of next week’s episode. He could win immunity here, use his idol next week, and have a smooth road to the final four.

Does anyone else need to win it? It certainly doesn’t hurt if they do. For example, it’s possible that Aubry could be a target of at least Jason and Michele at this point in the game, and she may need to prevent something crazy from going down.

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