‘Survivor: Kaoh Rong’ episode 12 rankings: Who has a legitimate shot at winning?

Michele -

It is crazy to think about, but true: There are only three more episodes left of “Survivor: Kaoh Rong.” Six will become five on Wednesday, then five will become four. We’re entering the finale on May 18 there, which does add fuel to the fire that this is a final-two season similar to “Survivor: Cagayan.” With all of the medical evacuations, it does make some sense.

So where does everyone stand going into this week? As always, we’ve got some answers via our latest contestant rankings! We’re looking of course at edit, strategy, challenge ability, and the same criteria as usual, but we’re also prioritizing now what we mentioned in the title: Who can actually win, and who can they win against? There are some moving parts, but we’re getting a clearer picture now.

6. Joe Del Campo (last week: 7) – Joe has almost zero air time, and as a result of that, probably has almost no chance to win. He’s probably a very kind, insightful man, but the game perception of him is as an ally to Aubry and very little else.

5. Tai Trang (5) – We’ve gone back and forth on these next two rather extensively, and for a number of reasons. With Tai, do we think that he has a good shot of winning if he makes it to the end? Sure, but he has flipped on some players in the process, so maybe he doesn’t get a vote from a Scot or a Jason, if they’re both there. Also, he’s a huge target thanks to having both the advantage and the idol, so we have a hard time imagining him in the final two / three.

4. Kyle Jason (6) – Jason losing Julia is probably the best thing that could happen to him. Now, perception in the game is that he is completely unattached, and he can go almost anywhere he wants moving forward. The thing that he probably has going for him the most is that almost everyone needs him. If he can use that and get to the end with someone like a Joe or maybe a Michele, he’s got a chance to win.

3. Cydney Gillon (4) – We’re seeing at least a flexibility from Cydney to drift from her present alliance with Aubry and Joe, which is great because she may really need to right now. We don’t see Aubry wanting her at the end of the game, but can Cydney get the numbers? Her challenge is that she’ll need not only Jason and Michele, but also Tai to avoid a tie vote. (If she has Tai and he uses his extra vote, she’d only need one other person.)

2. Michele Fitzgerald (3) – There’s no denying to us that Michele has had a very strong edit this season befitting a potential winner, but where are the big moves? This is something that she does have to focus on now if she wants a good shot of actually getting the prize. We think that she could beat Joe easily, and would have a good chance against Jason and, if she does some smart moves soon, Cydney. Against Aubry or Tai, and she’s probably toast.

1. Aubry Bracco (1) – We do think Aubry is somewhat vulnerable in that it’s rather clear that she’s played a great game, we have a hard time ranking someone with an ally like Joe who will never betray her any lower, and also someone else in Tai who she seems to be fair tight with. It could take some sort of wonky vote-split scenario for her to go home, and that’s a great place to be in at the final five.

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