‘Blue Bloods’ season 6 finale spoilers: ‘Blowback’ promo hints at drama between police, public

Blue Bloods season 6The relationship between the NYPD and the public is something that has always been at the center of “Blue Bloods” in one way or another, even before headlines in real life regarding officers shooting unarmed men. Yet, this is becoming even more of a focus now given recent headlines, and in the promo below for the season 6 finale “Blowback” airing Friday, it’s starting to look more and more like there is no peaceful end in sight.

What Frank Reagan smartly reminds us of, though, is that it is wrong to really look at this as a simple black-and-white struggle. It’s not the police versus the public, and it shouldn’t be. It’s their job to make these people feel safe, and to act when deemed necessary. They have to do a better job of policing themselves.

The promo also suggests that at one moment, Danny especially could be at the center of conflict. We certainly know that this is something that he has experienced already this season, given that we’ve had a chance to witness him shoot an unarmed man even going into the finale this season in Thomas Wilder. The difference there was that Wilder was egging him on, whereas what happens in the finale has more of an innocent feel about it. It doesn’t appear as though Danny is the one behind the shooting this time, but his status as a police officer is enough to cause him to feel some outrage.

Also, you have to remember that his last name promo doesn’t help in this situation — it rarely does.

(Photo: CBS.)

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