‘The Amazing Race 28’ episode 10 review: Did Brodie & Kurt mount a huge comeback?

Kurt and Brodie -Did we see one of the best strategic moves in “Amazing Race” history on Friday night? We don’t want to oversell it, but it was a really smart attempt by Tyler & Korey, and then also Burnie & Ashley, in order to ensure that they had a great chance of moving forward to the next round.

Specifically, we’re talking here about Tyler & Korey choosing to U-Turn Brodie & Kurt while at the Double U-Turn board, while then Burnie & Ashley in turn decided to put up Tyler & Korey. This ensured that the Frisbee guys couldn’t U-Turn anyone, and it was a tremendous opportunity for the two guys to be eliminated before we got around to the finale. The show really tried to make it look like from there that they had a genuine shot at a comeback, since they finished the second Detour fairly quickly and the show really tried to make a meal out of Cole’s afraid of heights when he learned that the Roadblock revolved around him having to jump off of a cliff into the water. Yet, he did it without too much of a problem.

Ultimately, Brodie & Kurt did finish in last, and they were sent home. Was this particularly fair to them? Well, it’s part of the game. In the future, though, we do think that this should happen at the final six or seven rather than the final five. The guys were basically penalized because they were such a threat, and because this leg didn’t have as many chances to catch up as other ones in the past. That’s gotta be a bummer for them.

On the flip side, there was a little bit of drama in terms of who was the winner of the leg, but Tyler & Korey emerged again over Burnie & Ashley. This means that Rooster Teeth has now finished second in five straight legs. We’re not sure if there is a record out there for this, but they have to be up there.

In the end, we give this leg a thumbs-up when it comes to strategy, and some of the challenges were okay. It’s strangely bizarre, though, that the “shock” elimination wasn’t really a shock at all. Grade: B.

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