‘Shark Tank’ review: FashionTap, My Fruity Faces, Brightwheel, and ‘brellaBox

Shark Tank -Tonight, “Shark Tank” is back! Not only that, but we also have the return of Chris Sacca to provide some of his own insight. That works out especially well in this episode, mostly because we’ve got a pair of products that are coming from the tech space. Elsewhere, we have two that are kind of random and appear to children and umbrella users. We’re not sure there’s much of a crossover there with … well, anything.

If you’ve read our “Shark Tank” reviews in the past, you likely know the drill. Refresh this article as the episode goes on, as we’re going to have some more hot-takes when it comes to some of these products and whether or not they get a deal.

FashionTap – Is this a fashion app that really will find a big audience? We’re not the target demo, so we really don’t have that much of an idea. The idea is smart, but we think there are too many similar other products out there, and in the end, it’s really hard to envision a crowd adding this to a rather large arsenal of stuff they already use.

The end result of this also left a not-great taste in our mouths, mostly because almost no company on this show walks in with a valuation and doesn’t move from it. Maybe they’d take a deal with a Shark if it is offered, but this also comes across as a viewer like someone who really just wanted the exposure as much as anything. No deal.

‘brellaBox – Does umbrella rentals sound like a worthwhile business? Going into this, we’re a little worried about the viability? We don’t think it’s necessarily the worst product in the show’s history, as suggested by Mr. Wonderful. Did he forget about the invention that supposedly turned water into gold? We do still think that the market for this is, unfortunately, very slim. Most people would rather just either brave the rain or carry a cheap umbrella than go through the process of renting one and then remembering to bring it back. It’s too much hassle for the gain. No deal.

My Fruity Faces – Are these edible stickers really the sort of thing that attracts Sharks? We do think that kids would at least buy them. The idea didn’t seem like a bad one, but this may be one of the few pitches we’ve seen where it genuinely feels like every single problem that could possibly be there is. That’s a scary thought for an investor. With the debt and the various issues that are here, we’re not shocked at all this led to no deal taking shape. No deal.

BrightWheel – Can this app make life better for not only teachers, but also parents? It’s got a high valuation, but a ton of potential. Its marketability in preschool education is astounding, and the difference between it and other products tonight was substantial. Do we think that picking Chris Sacca and Mark Cuban together was the right move for them after a lengthy back-and-forth? Sure, only because they’ve got huge experience in the tech industry. Still, we do think that Kevin O’Leary’s skills were a tad overlooked, given just how much he has done in education over the years.

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