‘Big Brother Canada 4’ exit interview: Jared Kesler on regrets, Kelsey, and Cassandra

Jared -Jared Kesler was a big target almost from the very beginning on “Big Brother Canada” this season, and part of the irony about that is that he still made it really far in the game; heck, had he fought harder to win the Power of Veto, there’s a perfectly good chance that he could still be there. Yet, he trusted Cassandra to not put him on the block, and that came back to bite him in the game.

We spoke briefly with him in an exit interview today about some of his moves, if having Kelsey around helped or hurt him, and then also why he blames himself just as much as he blames Cassandra for him leaving the game.

CarterMatt – Do you think your game would have been better or worse had Kelsey not returned to the game?

Jared Kesler – It’s a double-edged sword. Kelsey was kind of like my sanity in the house, and she was my breath of fresh air. When she came back in the house, I went back to being normal Jared. When she was gone I was kind of down in the dumps and over the game, because I was missing my companion. By the same token when she came back into the house she was a big target, but I was no stranger to big targets from the get-go in this game.

I was happy to have her back, since it put a little bit of a fire in my belly to compete a little bit harder.

Who do you blame the most for your demise?

I blame myself realistically, but at the end of the day, Cassandra is the one who put me up. I put a lot of trust in her, and maybe she didn’t have as much in me. So, I can only blame myself for not winning the competition or completely trusting Cassandra.

What’s the one strategic move you wish you would have done differently?

I probably would’ve loved to keep Maddy in the game last week and get Tim out. I was hoping that Joel was going to be okay with the situation, but at the end of the day I’d been loyal to Kelsey the whole game and she and Maddy didn’t see eye-to-eye. I had to do it to make her happy, even though Tim would’ve been the best person to get out, and he may be laughing now that I’m out of the house. I think it’s my biggest regret, not getting Tim out last week.

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