‘Big Brother Canada 4’: Nikki Grahame talks Tim, Joel, eviction, more in exit Q&A

Nikki -

Before we dive into this “Big Brother Canada” article further, let’s start with a programming note that there is no Nikki Grahame exit interview conference call today. Therefore, we don’t have the same sort of piece to share in the same way we typically do. We will, however, have something further from Jared a little bit later in the afternoon.

Luckily, Global at least decided to conduct some sort of question-and-answer session with the “Big Brother UK” sensation, and it released it to us as an audio file. We’ve transcribed some of the questions below, just to get you her take on some events this season.

Was she surprised to be evicted from the game?

Nikki Grahame – I was half expecting it. We were never quite sure what was going to happen with me and Jared on the block. I survived that, but before I could absorb the fact, I was back on the block. It didn’t really come as that much of a surprise; what did come as a surprise is Tim not voting to save me.

Did she think she could go all the way?

I think I could have lasted one more week. I had made it this far, so to fall at the last hurdle was a bit of a kick in the gut.

What does she blame for her being sent to jury?

I think that little meeting Tim held in the backyard before the PoV meeting had a lot to do with it, and I sat on the sofas and I wish I had gone out there to fight … but I trusted Tim. That was probably a big mistake.

What was the hardest thing to deal with?

…Just the brutalness of it. People talking about you in front of you, walking into conversations where people are talking about you, having to vote each other out. Yeah, just the sheer cutthroat part of the game, really.

What were the differences between ‘Big Brother Canada’ and ‘Big Brother UK’ that surprised her?

The differences are after ‘Big Brother UK,’ you have your friends and family waiting for you, whereas in ‘Big Brother Canada’ you go straight to the jury house. In ‘Big Brother UK’ you cannot talk about nominations, it’s forbidden. The public decides your fate.

What is her favorite memory?

Having a live kangaroo in the backyard with three of the cutest puppies I’ve ever seen … And just being voted into the house was really special and a huge achievement. I’m really grateful to Canada to being so welcoming and so lovely to me. That exit will stick with me forever, and I thank everyone that was there.

Who will she be friends with?

I’ll be friends obviously with Joel and … I’d like to say Tim, but I’m still a bit raw. He’s upset me quite a lot, so I’m going to let him do some groveling before that. And possibly Cassandra because he’s so funny … and MITCH!

What did she think about the challenges?

I despise the challenges. It was the worst ever! (Laughs.) It was hard, I never won a challenge. I’m not going to miss those one bit.

Why Joel was her pick to win.

I would have wanted Joel to win if I was in the final with him. He’s always going to be my choice for winner, because he’s so passionate about that show and reality TV. He has been genuine, honest, and loyal since day one, and I think it would be the biggest achievement in his world to win this show. It would change his life, and I think he’s the most deserving.

On how she plans to work the jury game.

I should just use my powers and persuasion, and of course my loud voice. I will be quite stubborn in getting my own way.

Who does she think will win?

Sadly I think it could be Tim or the brothers. It’s out of those two.

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