Finale Forecast: Early projections for ‘Outlander’ season 2

Out of all of the shows that we have written Finale Forecast articles on, “Outlander” is one of the most difficult. We’re not a book reader, and yet we know that there are many people out there who are and therefore know roughly how season 2 will already conclude. Therefore, we have to take almost a more detached approach to this article. There’s less of a reason to get into specifics about what will happen later this season, given that this will end up in one way or another spoiling things for some other TV show fans.

Instead, let’s get into more of what we’d like to see, since that gives us a chance to think more outside of the box.

One thing that’s already been confirmed is that Roger and Brianna are coming this season, and we know they’ll both more than likely have huge roles to play in the story to come even beyond this year. Our preference would be to save them almost as cliffhangers; give fans a tiny taste of them this season, and have a great foundation laid for what will be a stellar season 3. That also keeps you from getting too many new characters at once, given that we already have a bevy of new faces to keep track of in France as-is.

What we’d also like to see in terms of story is plurality when it comes to showdowns. What is fascinating right now is that you have this intellectual opponent to Jamie and Claire in the Comte, who has a personal motivation for their destruction still. Meanwhile, you also have this physical and psychological opponent in Black Jack Randall. Throwing these two men out there at roughly the same time would create a whirlwind of drama for the show; we’d feel for Jamie and Claire in terms of how they were to deal with this, but as a fan it would certainly create great stakes. This is without even really regarding any other potential adversaries the two meet along the way; we can certainly see matters with Jamie and Charles going south given the current set of circumstances.

Finally, we of course want a little more romance, and for Jamie and Claire to eventually find more of their footing. We still expect that in the aftermath of Jamie’s torment, this may still take some time.

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