‘Game of Thrones’ season 6, episode 2 review: Did Melisandre bring Jon Snow back from the dead?

Game of thronesThe premiere of “Game of Thrones” season 6 brought us a lot of little updates on all of our main characters, but the one person we still don’t know the fate of is Jon Snow. We know that Melisandre has shown up at the Night’s Watch, but at this point she hasn’t done anything to help bring him back from the dead – is it possible that he’s really just gone?

Night’s Watch: Davos and his men are ready to fight as Alister hacks his way through the door, but just as he gets through, giants bust down the gates and the Wildlings come charging into Castle Black with some of Jon Snow’s men to help Davos and put Alister and his men into cells. Davos goes to Melisandre and asks if she knows of any magic to bring Jon Snow back and she says that there is a man she knows that came back from the dead, but it wasn’t done by her – really Melisandre’s faith has been broken and she no longer believes in the lord of light and claims that she never really had the gift in the first place. Davos implores her to try to bring Jon back and she she tries, but nothing happens… that is until she leaves the room. Then Jon comes back to life!!!!

Kings Landing: Tommen doesn’t want Cersei to attend her own daughter’s funeral as he is afraid for her safety, so instead only Tommen and Jamie were there to say goodbye. Jamie asks Tommen why he hasn’t gone to see her and he says that he is ashamed of his actions and that if he can’t protect his own wife and mother then what good is he as a king? Tommen goes to see his mother and apologizes, telling her that he knows he’s not strong, but that he wants to be and asks for her help to be the king she knows he can be, so he can take down the high sparrow who is still making his power known to the Lannister’s.

Tyrion: The two dragons left behind aren’t eating now that Daenerys has left and Tyrion feels that he can befriend them and let them know that it’s okay to eat. Watching Tyrion talk to the dragons and earn their trust was one of the highlights of the episode for us. He gave them back their freedom by unchaining them and leaving the door open for them to go and find food.

Ramsay: He returns to tell his father that Sansa has had help escaping, but knows that she’s headed to Castle Black to see Jon Snow and that they have the men to take over the Night’s Watch and get Sansa back. When his father says no to his idea, Roose learns that he his wife has just given birth and it’s a son. Ramsay kills his father and then sends for his father’s wife and new born son. When she meets with Ramsay, he leads her to his dog pens and feeds them to his dogs… alive. Ramsay is right in thinking that Sansa is heading to Castle Black, but Theon has decided to leave her in Brienne’s capable hands and head back to see his father and sister. What Theon doesn’t know is that his father has been murdered – so who will rule the Ironborn?

We have been waiting for Jon to come back to life and we finally had that moment come tonight! What we loved about this whole scene (even more then just getting Jon Snow back) was the idea that Melisandre had lost her own faith and thought that she was nothing more then a fraud even though she really had the power within her the whole time. We have never been the biggest Melisandre cheerleaders, but this season has turned us around on her and we can’t wait to see what she does next. Episode grade: B+

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