‘The 100’ season 3, episode 13 review: Did Kane, Pike join the City of Light?

The 100On the last episode of “The 100” Clarke, Bellamy, Jasper and Octavia headed out on the search for Luna, but what they don’t know is that A.L.I.E. is now in charge of Polis. Raven and her crew stayed in Arkadia to look for ways to stop A.L.I.E. and we are still wondering why Arkadia has been abandoned? Where is everyone?

Polis: When Pike and Kane arrive in Polis, Ontari and Jaha is forcing everyone to take the tech (everyone from Arkadia is also there), but when they refuse Pike is put in a prison where as Abby asks for a chance to get information from Kane about Clarke. She pretends that she hasn’t taken the tech, telling Kane that she is desperate to find Clarke and needs his help. She tries to get him to sympathize with her, but when that doesn’t work she tries to seduce him… and that’s when it becomes clear that she’s taken the tech. Abby orders for Kane to be crucified unless he takes the tech and he refuses, leaving us watching an incredibly painful scene that made us cringe at every smash of the hammer. When that’s not enough to make him give up the information or take the tech, Jaha threatens to shoot Abby, so he takes the tech and we’ve lost Kane to the City of Light which was absolutely heartbreaking.

The search for Luna: The group is following Lincoln’s map to find Luna, but as usual they come up against roadblocks… literally. There’s a fallen tree in the way of their car, so they end up the rest of the way on foot. When they get to where the village is supposed to be, it’s not there, instead there are just large stone markers. Octavia builds a fire and after throwing a certain type of tree in the fire the flame turns green and it’s a signal to contact Luna.

Bellamy is having a really hard time accepting that Octavia may never forgive him for what happened to Lincoln and Clarke tries to help him by telling him to give her some time because Octavia will forgive him eventually as long as he can forgive himself as well. As they are talking, Luna’s troops show up and Octavia asks for safe passage to Luna saying that Lincoln sent them. Octavia, Clarke, Bellamy and Jasper are handed vials that they all drink and it causes them to pass out. When they wake up they meet Luna face to face and tell her that Lexa chose her to be the next commander and offers her the spirit of the flame, but Luna refuses to become the next commander.

It was nice to see some back story on Pike tonight, learning that he was the person that taught the 100 earth skills before they lef the space station. He was a really helpful resource for the kids until the stress of not being able to tell them that they are going to earth and will die if they don’t listen pushes him to the edge doing some unethical stuff to make them listen. It gave the Pike character a lot more layers tonight and for the first time we found ourselves sympathizing with him. Episode grade: B

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