‘Game of Thrones’ season 6, episode 1 review: Will Melisandre save Jon Snow and how old is she?

Game of ThronesIt has been a long wait for new episode of “Game of Thrones”, but tonight season 6 is back and we hope to have some answers to the question that has been on everyone’s mind for the past year: Is Jon Snow really dead or is he going to be resurrected? We know that Melisandre is headed towards the Night’s Watch and may be the only person that can saved this beloved character. Isn’t it time that the Stark family was cut a break? Let’s see what the premiere has in store tonight.

Night’s Watch: There was no messing around when it came to the premiere tonight – The first scene was Jon Snow dead on the ground and Davos (along with the Night’s Watch men) bringing him inside, but at this point… he’s still dead. Melisandre knocks on the door to the keep and sees Jon’s body lying on the table and while there is still no word on if Jon is going to be coming back from the dead yet, it’s at least a possibility with Melisandre around. The officers admit to the rest of the Night’s Watch that they killed Jon, saying that his actions with the Wildings was going to destroy the Night’s Watch forever. Alliser gives Davos and a small group of men an ultimatum for their surrender, but he knows they are going to kill them for supporting Jon.

House Bolton: Ramsay is upset at the death of Myranda and is looking for revenge, but his father is pushing him him to get Sansa Stark back since without her and her ability to give Ramsay an heir to the throne, he has put himself in a very poor position. He has sent his hounds out after Theon and Sansa, but they have a good lead on them and have found ways to hide their scent: Unfortunately it is only for a short time. Theon puts himself out to be captured as a distraction to let her escape and tells the guards that Sansa is dead, but instead of escaping, she just hides in a tree and is captured… that is until Brienne shows up and saves them once again offering her loyalty to Sansa and this time she accepts.

Kings Landing: Jamie has returned from Dorne, but he is without he and Cersei’s daughter and she knows that she has lost her child. Jamie promises her that together they are going to take back everything that belongs to them and as he says it, even we believe him.

Tyrion: He is still with Varys trying to figure out exactly what’s going on with Daenerys as are the slaves she freed, and then abandoned she flew away on a dragon in the last season. Jorah is on the hunt to find her and with her dragon leaving burned corpses as a trail it’s making his trek a little easier. Daenerys has been taken prisoner by a horde lead by a man named Khal Moro and her dragon is no where to be found at this point. He tells her that as his slave she will have his children and do as he says but once she mentions that she was Drogo’s wife, it turns out to be the one name she didn’t drop that held some weight and they release her… to go and live out the rest of her days with the other widows of the other Khals.

Over all we were happy with this premiere since we had a chance to catch up with pretty much everyone, including the Sand Snakes (who many don’t really care much for) who killed their prince and took over Dorne. The best part of the episode for us was seeing Melisandre take off her necklace and see the real her, which is a very old woman. It showed us just how much power and wisdom she really holds and we are hopeful that she can bring Jon back from the dead. Episode grade: B+

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