Finale Forecast: Will ‘Chicago Fire’ season 4 rise from the ashes, or avoid them altogether?

“Chicago Fire” is a show that has certainly delivered on some enormous cliffhangers in the past, and we have every reason to believe that they will do this again. It’s easy to hype up some sort of finale “shocker,” and there is probably an expectation every year that you should try to find a way to “top” what you have done before in some sort of enormous manner.

Is this really the right way for this show to go about its business for season 4, though? That’s an interesting question, and something that we’re going to spotlight further in this edition of our Finale Forecast series.

What could happen – In basic terms, some relationships on the show will probably be rocked to their core, some people could get close to leaving Firehouse 51 either by death or their own accord, or some sort of enormous blaze could have far-reaching complications for the team beyond just their personal health. This is a show that will probably make the finale into a big event, and put some of its main characters (Casey, Dawson, Severide) at the center of the action. It’s too early in the season to predict specifics, but there is a pattern that we’ve seen at this point.

What should happen – We’d love to see the show actually go against expectation and air a finale that is smaller, quieter, more emotional, and focused more on specific character choices that happen aside from work. Or, maybe focus on an overall theme, such as the good and bad side of heroism that comes with being a firefighter. You get the love of adoration of many people, but at the same time, there’s also this expectation to be a perfect member of society. Another idea is getting another reminder of how hard tragedies weigh on the team when things do not go according to plan.

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